Forex Mentoring

Forex Mentoring

We offer smart FX solutions to institutions and professionals, that enable them work smarter with less effort while earning from home or office, using forex trade analysis and learning in any currency on a globally regulated Foreign Exchange system

First Bullion team of traders are the best in educating and mentoring, with our proven trading strategy formulated from our wealth of experience in the forex market. Everyone who gets involved in trading the forex market always seek to learn from the best and get straight to the point knowledge of what truly works.
Our forex course is outstanding and very strategic. Following the strategy and support that we provide in our community anyone can go from zero knowledge to become a professional trader.

Frequently asked Questions?

Why should I join Bullion Masterpiece?

We pride ourselves in the development and progress of our students. We take our time to teach you and provide you with the right Education, Technique and Strategic trading method.

What services does FBC offer?

We Offer fully automated hands free, set and forget system operated by the CEO and FBC’s team of skilled traders. We Offer a full Forex course, with this course you will learn how to trade from the very basics to a professional level. Please find further details on our services pages or alternatively contact us.

Is there a time limit on the course offered?

No, there is no time limit on the Forex course; you will be a student for life until you have mastered the skill to be a professional trader.

How do I set up the Auto Trader?

Our Auto Trader is setup on a Virtual VPS Cloud service which does not require members to install any VPS Software or leave their computer on.

Do I get any extra benefits?

Yes, refer someone to our Forex course and get rewarded $135. Use our recommended Brokers and get $30 off your monthly Auto trader subscription.

Is FBC Officially Registered?

Yes, Bullion Masterpiece is a registered corporate division Under the Company First Bullion Masterpiece. Ltd

Do you have a question, still need some more clarifications, or would like to inquire more and partner with us, feel feel free to contact us